Residential Treatment at Huntington Creek

Clearbrook Lodge has changed its name to Huntington Creek Recovery Center! As we have continued to grow, we have found the need to separate ourselves from other programs in the area using the “Clearbrook” name, as we are not affiliated with them.

Our treatment approach is based upon the 12 step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), in conjunction with appropriate individual and group therapy. Treatment is individually designed to support and enhance the recovery process.

Individuals will participate in one-to-one therapy with our certified addiction counseling staff at least twice weekly and group therapy for at least 2.5 hours daily. A licensed clinical psychologist also conducts individual and group therapy sessions multiple times weekly. We strongly believe that the dynamics of group process can allow for major changes to take place. Thus, group therapy is an integral part of our treatment program. The power of “residents helping residents” under the guidance of clinical staff is never to be underestimated.

AA and NA meetings, AA Big Book study sessions, NA Basic Text study sessions, educational and didactic lectures, life skills groups, “Living Sober” study sessions, extensive relapse prevention programming, reflection time, along with recreational periods are also integral components of the daily regimen. We have implemented an elective-based component as part of our treatment structure, which will allow patients a choice in some of their daily activities.

We feel the involvement of loved ones in the treatment process is imperative. Treating the addicted individual without also helping the family is merely dealing with the “tip of the iceberg”. Our Family Program is designed to teach both the resident and their loved ones about the disease of addiction, its impact on family and friends is covered to promote healthier relations in recovery.

A strong AA/NA First Step, coupled with a strong release prevention track that emphasizes the relapse dynamic and triggers, are key components of our recovery program. An individualized continuing care plan is designed so as to build upon the foundation started in treatment. Following through on directions is essential to establishing the patterns that will support ongoing abstinence and growth in recovery. As recovery is a life-long process, these important elements require keen focus, starting as early as the time of admission.

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