Our Continuing Care Program for Drug & Alcohol Addiction & Abuse in Henryville, PA

Here at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center in Henryville, Pennsylvania, we recognize that treatment for chemical dependency does not begin and end with participation in one level of care. Instead, the process of achieving sobriety and continuing on in one’s recovery can be a life-long journey. For this reason, from the moment patients enter our treatment center to receive care for an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, we strive to arm them with the knowledge and tools that they need to be successful both during treatment and long after treatment has come to an end.

In order to help our patients remain successful in their recovery journeys, we are steadfastly dedicated to devising thorough aftercare plans so that they have the ability to build upon the foundation that they formed while in treatment at our addiction rehab center by implementing the skills they learned as they return to their home environments.

During a patient’s stay, our staff will provide extensive relapse prevention education to help guide him or her through a sober transition back into his or her home environment once treatment has come to an end. Each workshop will provide the education and teach the skills necessary for making this transition one that is as easy and as unintimidating as possible. Our goal is to help our patients learn how to prevent relapse, maintain sobriety, and remain successful in their long-term recoveries.

Before being discharged from programming at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center, each patient will work closely with his or her clinical treatment team as a customized aftercare plan is prepared. This plan will clearly define the personalized steps that are necessary for helping the patient build and maintain successful, lasting recovery. Our team of professionals will help guide each patient’s return to his or her home environment by identifying resources that will be of the most benefit to him or her. Such resources can include things like finding appropriate sober living homes, identifying possible outpatient programs, choosing counselors or sponsors, and locating Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings in his or her area. Additionally, any patient who receives care at our addiction rehab center will have the ongoing ability to communicate with his or her clinical team by telephone once he or she has been discharged from the program.

As part of our relapse prevention and aftercare services, at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center, we are pleased to also supply the following:

Continued counseling and support

When patients leave our treatment center, it does not mean that we are leaving them. Our patients build close ties with our counseling staff and will continue to be personally guided through the transition period once treatment here at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center has come to an end. Our staff will encourage our patients to build a close relationship with a sponsor, join a home group, and actively participate in AA and/or NA meetings and alumni events.

AA and NA Meetings

In addition to participating in AA and NA meetings consistently after being discharged from the program, once individuals have achieved a year of sobriety, they are encouraged to return to Pocono Mountain Recovery Center and share their experiences with others. In doing so, individuals are able to instill a sense of hope and encouragement in their peers, while also having a chance to celebrate their own recovery success. These arrangements can be made by calling and speaking with our alumni coordinator.

Annual Picnic

Every summer, we host an annual picnic in Henryville, Pennsylvania at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center to celebrate the successes of our alumni. Individuals who have participated in our program are encouraged to attend, and their friends and family members are welcome to join as well. Many, if not all, of our staff members also attend this annual picnic, which can be a wonderful way for program alumni to visit with the professionals who helped to make such a difference in their lives.

When individuals make the brave decision to receive treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and choose Pocono Mountain Recovery Center as their place to heal, they are afforded not just a temporary stay in treatment, but also a life-long network of support. To learn more about the aftercare services that we provide, or to inquire about any of the services that we offer, please to not hesitate to contact us today.

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