Relapse Prevention at Huntington Creek

Clearbrook Lodge has changed its name to Huntington Creek Recovery Center! As we have continued to grow, we have found the need to separate ourselves from other programs in the area using the “Clearbrook” name, as we are not affiliated with them.

During a resident’s stay, Huntington Creek’s staff will provide extensive relapse prevention education to guide the sober transition back into your environment. Each workshop will provide the education and tools to make the transition easier. The goal is to teach the resident how to prevent relapse and to remain clean and sober.

Before discharge, each resident works with the Clinical Treatment Team to prepare a personalized aftercare plan. This plan will clearly define the personalized steps necessary to build a lasting recovery. We will help guide the return back by identifying resources such as sober residences, outpatient programs, counseling and AA/NA meetings in the area. Alumni of our program will always have the ability to communicate with the clinical team by telephone. Additionally we will supply:

  1. Continued Counseling/Support – Just because residents leave our facility doesn’t mean we leave them. Residents build close ties with our counseling staff and continue to be personally guided through the transition period after treatment. We will encourage the building of close relationships with a sponsor, a home group and really joining AA or NA. Residents are always welcomed back to attend our in house AA /NA meetings and alumni events.
  2. AA/NA Meetings at Huntington Creek – After a year of being clean and sober, call our alumni coordinator and return to speak to those who are now sitting in the exact seat you were once in. Share with our community your experience, strength and hope.
  3. Huntington Creek Annual Picnic – Join us, as we host our annual summer picnic to celebrate all of our alumni families
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