Family Treatment at Huntington Creek

Clearbrook Lodge has changed its name to Huntington Creek Recovery Center! As we have continued to grow, we have found the need to separate ourselves from other programs in the area using the “Clearbrook” name, as we are not affiliated with them.

Addiction has a tremendous impact on those who love or are involved with the addicted person. We feel strongly that loved ones play an integral role in the recovery process. Upon admission, residents will be assigned to a Clinical Treatment Team. This team will consist of a Primary Counselor and a Case Manager. Our Executive Director, Clinical Director, Medical Director, Nursing Team, Clinical Psychologist and Family Program Staff will participate as part of each team. These professionals will guide residents through the entire process to make for a productive treatment experience. A member of this Treatment Team will contact loved ones with updates on the resident’s progress. Family Program staff will also be in contact with loved ones to help construct a compatible recovery approach addressing the concerns of the family.

Through our Family Program, loved ones will have the opportunity to build knowledge and understanding of the disease of addiction and the process of recovery. Loved ones will explore topics such as “addiction as a family disease”, “behaviors of early recovery” and “supporting vs. enabling” over the course of the program. Personalized to meet the needs of our Lodge community, the Family Program seeks to restore some health to the family relationships. Our Family Program is comprised of the following:

  • Private Family Therapy sessions facilitated by the primary counselor or Family Program staff
  • Family Visitation and Education every Sunday afternoon from 10:30 AM-4:30 PM.
  • Development of an individualized aftercare plan for the resident.
  • Recommendations for ongoing recovery resources for loved ones.
  • Contact and support throughout the program and continuing after the resident is discharged.
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