About Us

Pocono Mountain Recovery Center is Eastern PA’s leading drug rehab center. We offer a full continuum of care to ensure you receive treatment that is tailored specifically to your needs.

About Pocono

We are a residential rehabilitation facility located in northeastern Pennsylvania. Length of stay is based upon the clinical needs of each resident. Our treatment programs are based upon the belief that alcoholism / chemical dependency is a primary disease that, if left untreated, can be fatal. We believe that in order to succeed, individuals must commit to and actively pursue their own recovery.

Our Treatment Approach

Our treatment approach is based upon the 12-Steps and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, further enhanced by appropriate therapy. Treatment is individually customized for each resident so as to support and enhance the recovery process. Our love, commitment, and expertise guide our clinical and therapeutic approaches. Our counselors are all seasoned professionals who have multiple years as certified and/or licensed clinicians in the field of addiction treatment. Their experience translates into a solid direction to recovery and after-care planning that supports ongoing recovery.


We are committed to providing all of our residents and their families the best possible care while protecting resident information and confidentiality. Not only do we believe that each resident deserves the right to complete privacy, Federal and state law requires it.

At no time are we able to confirm or deny who is at our facility unless a resident has explicitly authorized us, in writing, to do so and then only to that party which was specified.

If you are using medical coverage to help pay for your stay, it will be necessary for us to provide your insurance company with clinical information to your insurance company in order for them to authorize your treatment/payment.

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