Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program in Henryville, PA

Intensive outpatient programming is the least-intensive level of care offered at Pocono. This program takes place in three phases to help clients transition into a healthy recovery.

Program Overview

Overview of the outpatient addiction treatment program at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center in Henryville, PA

At Pocono Mountain Recovery Center in Henryville, PA, our goal is to ensure that the individuals who turn to us for care receive the type and level of treatment that is best suited to their unique strengths, needs, and goals. With a full continuum of services from detox through extended aftercare options, we are proud to be able to meet patients where they are and help them get to where they want to be.

One of the beneficial levels of care that individuals may access through our addiction rehab center is our intensive outpatient program or IOP. This level of care may be optimal for individuals who meet one of the following two criteria:

  • Men and women who have completed a residential and/or partial hospitalization program and who can benefit from a structured step-down level of support as they transition out of treatment.
  • Men and women whose needs are not severe enough to warrant a more intensive program, but who can benefit from a more robust treatment experience than can be provided via traditional outpatient services.
Treatment Phases

Phases of addiction treatment in the intensive outpatient program at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center

Treatment in the Pocono Mountain Recovery Center’s intensive outpatient program incorporates a variety of therapeutic activities and interventions, each of which has been selected for its effectiveness at helping men and women achieve both short- and long-term recovery-related goals. As is the case at all levels of care at addiction rehab center, individuals who participate in IOP receive individualized treatment plans that have been developed based upon a thorough personal assessment.

IOP treatment at our addiction rehab center is a three-phase process:

  • Phase 1 of IOP meets five times per week, three 3 hours per day, for a total of 15 treatment hours. Phase 1 includes multiple group therapy sessions and one individual session per week, with weekly family sessions available on an as-needed basis.
  • Phase 2 meets three days per week, three hours per day, for a total of 9 hours per week. Phase 2 also includes multiple group therapy sessions and one individual session per week, with a weekly family session available on an as-needed basis.
  • Phase 3 meets twice per week, three hours per day, for a total of 6 hours per week. As is the case with the first two phases, Phase 3 includes one individual therapy session each week, with family sessions available to be scheduled as needed.
  • Phases 2 and 3 direct patients into assuming responsibility for their personal recovery with healthy, self-directive motivation. It is at this point in treatment that individuals become more empowered while still surrounded by the supportive atmosphere of IOP and sober living.

Intensive outpatient treatment therapies offered at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center

Our IOP works with a curriculum that focuses on important facets of a healthy recovery process. Specified treatment approaches that we take to fulfill healthy change include the following:

  • Lecture series (shame cycle, neurobiology of the brain, identity vs. role confusion, physical craving and mental obsession, breaking down spirituality)
  • Step-writing worksheets
  • Grief groups
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Reading and processing recovery literature (Big Book, 12 and 12, NA Basic Text)
  • Worksheets and group process
  • Psychotherapy groups to process patients’ struggles and/or accomplishments while on their recovery journey on a day-to-day basis

Recovery, and the need to do the work to achieve recovery remains the primary focus of the patient’s stay regardless of what phase he or she is in. As a patient advances through the IOP program, he or she will become more intensely involved with 12-Step groups, meetings with sponsors, and helping others in the sober living arrangement.

For more information about IOP treatment, or any other aspect of programming at our addiction rehab center, please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you to make the most informed decision for yourself or on behalf of a loved one.

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