Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program in Henryville, PA

Rock Crest Structured Living is a comprehensive extended care program for adults who have been struggling with substance use disorders. Services include a partial hospitalization program (PHP)an intensive outpatient program (IOP), and a staffed sober housing option. 

Program Overview

Rock Crest Structured Living (RCSL) offers a variety of services to help adults establish a solid foundation for long-term recovery from addiction. All extended care programming is offered in a welcoming and supportive environment where adults can gain valuable insights into the impact of addiction, the benefits of community, and the process of achieving a substance-free future. 

Adults who participate in RCSL programming receive the guidance and support they need to make productive lifestyle changes, develop and practice skills that will help them maintain their recovery, and prepare for a successful reintegration into their families and communities. 

Rock Crest Structured Living can be a valuable source of step-down support for adults who can benefit from additional assistance after completing residential care. Depending on their history and needs, adults may step up to Rock Crest Structured Living from traditional outpatient therapy, or they may transfer from another outpatient program.  

Our goal is always to ensure that people who have been struggling with substance use disorders receive the level of care and types of services that will meet their unique needs and empower them to achieve their immediate and long-term goals.  

Two Levels of Care

Adults who participate in the Rock Crest Structured Living program may receive care at the partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient levels. Depending on need, adults may spend time at one or both levels.  

The partial hospitalization program (PHP) offers full days of care, 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m., seven days a week. The intensive outpatient program offers three hours of care, 9 a.m.-noon, Monday-Saturday. Clients who receive care at the IOP level start by attending sessions six days per week. As they progress through the program, they gradually reduce the number of weekly sessions they attend. 

Group therapy is the main method of treatment at both the IOP and PHP levels. Individual, family, and experiential therapies may also be offered at each level. 

Before an adult transitions out of the Rock Crest Structured Living program, they will receive a detailed plan to guide the next phases of their journey to improved health. Depending on each person’s progress and continued needs, their plan may identify the professional services and community-based resources that will support their ongoing efforts to maintain their recovery.  

Sober Living Environment

The sober living component of care of Rock Crest Structured Living provides a safe, supportive, and comfortable living environment for adults who are ready to commit to a structured program of recovery. The focus of programming in the sober living environment is to promote sustained recovery through healthy daily activities.  

Adults who participate in this part of the program reside in one of five beautiful homes. Features and amenities of these residences include: 

  • Spacious double bedrooms  
  • Living room with large HDTV 
  • Modern kitchen and appliances  
  • Spacious yard and deck  
  • In-house laundry and Wi-Fi 
  • Linens and furnishings  

While they are residing in one of our sober living houses, adults benefit from services such as: 

  • 24-hour staff supervision  
  • Nutritious on-site meals  
  • Structured, phased programming that promotes based on progress  
  • Transportation to daily PHP and IOP sessions, self-help meetings, medical appointments, prescription pickups, local stores, and certain other destinations  
  • Gym and outdoor recreational activities  
  • Work therapy, including assigned chores and house responsibilities  
  • Life skills coaching on cooking, smart shopping, cleaning, personal hygiene, resume writing, and other relevant topics  

Employment and volunteer opportunities are available for sober living residents who have made appropriate progress. Residents may also earn privileges such as permission to use their cellphone and their personal vehicle.  

For the safety of all participants, our sober living houses have a strictly enforced curfew. Also, residents complete frequent random tests to ensure that they have not been using alcohol or other drugs. 

This content was written on behalf of and reviewed by the clinical staff at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center. 

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