Our Philosophy

At Pocono Mountain Recovery Center, we strive to exemplify our promise and mission every day. With each decision we make, we aim to show our clients and their loved ones what we value most: their health and long-term happiness.

The recovery process begins when an individual demonstrates the willingness to accept the help available, one day at a time. Once this step has been taken, the power of group discussion of shared experience and appropriate education about the disease and the recovery process become invaluable. The building of therapeutic relationships with the counselors, support staff and peers is of equal importance. Reconnecting spiritually often starts as self-discipline grows and connections are made with people.

We provide a nurturing, structured environment, rooted in spiritual growth and positive exploration for individuals who wish to restore their lives. Through knowledge, guidance and an unwavering commitment to patient recovery, we help individuals towards a recovery that perhaps was once thought to be beyond reach.

To supply the education and treatment necessary to allow one to begin a substance-free life is OUR MISSION.

To encourage chance with great hope, vigor and genuine enthusiasm is OUR PROMISE.

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