Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction can be a stressful time for you and your loved ones. Below are some commonly asked questions with corresponding answers to educate you about PMRC and the rehabilitation process. If you need any further information please feel free to call us at (855) 981-0807.

Where are you located?

PMRC is located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, just 80 minutes north of Newark Airport. It is in close proximity to several hotels, hospitals, restaurants and shopping areas. Families coming to visit will be able to get to us easily as we are just a few miles off of Interstate 80.

What can your family do to help?

To best help your loved ones we suggest being supportive and upbeat about their treatment, write often and keep it positive and loving. Attend support groups, such as Al-anon, Nar-anon or Families Anonymous, all of which can teach loved one’s about the disease of addiction and hot to best support recovery and not support relapse. Avoid “unmanaged” arguments and disagreements with your loved one and follow suggestions made by your primary counselor or our family therapist.

Do you provide a Detox Program?

Yes, both facilities operate a detox program with 24/7 medical staffing.

How long is your program?

Our program’s length of stay is clinically driven and will vary case to case. We have found the longer your treatment is the more likely you become to stay sober.

Do you take insurance?

Yes we do. Please contact our intake department and they will guide you through the process of utilizing private insurance.

Do you provide an Aftercare program?

Yes, our goal is to help individuals stay clean and sober for the rest of their lives, one day at a time. We also provide transition counseling as well as weekly alumni meetings and the reunion picnic upon completing of our treatment program. PMRC has an intensive outpatient program that provides patients with a structured continuum of care. We have both a male and female program. The program is a structured 7 day a week program. Please refer to our IOP portion of the website.

What does your program consist of?

Our programs consist of 12 Step and spiritual guidance, individual and group counseling, life skills development, relapse prevention skills as well as physical exercise and nutritional guidance. Please see our Program Overview tab for more information.

When are family and friends allowed to visit?

Family visits are offered when clinically appropriate and when to do so would be in the best interest of furthering the clients recovery. Family visits are subject to change or be cancelled based on current CDC guidelines or current facility guidelines as instructed by facility medical staff.

Residents are responsible for any visitors that arrive on their behalf during visitation. No pets please. No need for food, reading materials or technological devices.

How’s the food and accommodations?

Resident rooms are simple, clean and comfortable. It should be noted that we are not a “spa”. With a busy daily schedule, residents will spend limited time in their bedrooms. Roommate selection is based upon clinical determination. We have executive chefs with experienced teams that provide delicious & nutritious meals.

Is smoking allowed?

Yes, while we are well aware of the dangers of smoking, we are empathetic to the fact that residents will be going through significant changes while they are here. Our primary focus is on issues surrounding the substance abuse, therefore, smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas.

When will I be able to speak to my loved ones?

We fully understand how stressful the recovery process is for the affected individual and their loved ones. In an effort to help residents adjust to a new environment, a 5-day restriction on the phone use is our rule. This restriction also exists with regards to visitation with the exception of special circumstances. Any exceptions to these guidelines will require pre-approval by a resident’s Primary Counselor or the Clinical Director. Mail may be received and sent during this time and throughout the duration of the treatment process.

Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes, with prior notice (please tell us before admission) we will do our best to accommodate a special diet.

Can I bring my laptop?

No, our goal is to have you fully involved in our program. Your laptop can distract you from the primary focus of the program.

Can I have a private room?

Studies have shown that you will have a better chance of success if you do not room by yourself therefore we do not offer private rooms except in cases of medical requirement.

Do I get a refund if I am discharged by the director or decide to leave?

No, upon admission to our facility, you will review and sign the patient handbook. Violation of these policies can result in therapeutic discharge from the program. It is our goal to ensure that residents complete the program and stay clean and sober for the rest of their lives, but unfortunately, disorderly conduct and behavior can disrupt the healthy dynamic of the treatment community and may result in untimely discharge.

What kind of meals can I expect during my treatment process?

Three nourishing meals are served each day and snacks are made available throughout the day. Our executive chef prepares meals that are both delicious and nutritious. If you are in need of special diet, please inform our intake team, nursing team and your primary counselor, who will make necessary arrangements with the dietary staff.

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