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Without the appropriate treatment, benzo addiction is hard to overcome. Our clinically-proven care aims to help you find sobriety that lasts.

Learn More About Benzo Addiction Treatment

Learn more about benzo addiction treatment at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center in Henryville, PA

Drug addiction is one of the most pervasive issues occurring worldwide. When someone is addicted to one or more substances, his or her life can begin to disintegrate, causing him or her to grow more likely to suffer from the devastating effects that addiction can cause. Benzodiazepines, which include Xanax, Klonopin, and Ativan, are medications that, when used correctly, can help treat individuals struggling with anxiety, seizures, or migraines. When individuals misuse these substances for self-medication or outside of prescribing purposes, benzodiazepines can cause an addiction to develop, and individuals can then suffer the same effects as anyone else who is struggling with an addiction to any sort of substance. Benzodiazepine abusers will also start to see their lives suffer destruction. If rehab is obtained for a benzodiazepine use disorder can defeat their struggles with this type of addiction and reclaim control in their lives.

At Pocono Mountain Recovery Center in Henryville, Pennsylvania, we know just how hard it can be to not just live with an addiction to benzodiazepines, but to also overcome that addiction. Therefore, to help those in need obtain the skills they require to put an end to their addiction, we have developed programming that is capable of helping them be productive in their recovery and develop the life they deserve.

How to Help a Loved One

Helping a loved one get treatment for benzo addiction

When you know that your loved one or family member is addicted to benzodiazepines, you will likely feel a number of emotions, including heartbreak, fear, and overwhelming concern. Not only are you panicked with the thought of the physical and psychological effects that are occurring within your loved one’s life, but you are also likely concerned that his or her everyday functioning is hindered. However, even when you feel as though there is no hope left, there are things that you can do to help your loved one, including the following:

  • Grab a hold of any information regarding benzodiazepines, addiction, and rehab. Always remember that knowledge is power.
  • Spend an exceptional amount of time learning about addiction as a disease. It can be challenging to understand this concept when your loved one’s addiction feels personal, however by doing so, you can help put the correct lens on addiction and begin understanding your loved one and his or her needs.
  • Speak with your loved one about your concerns, ensuring that you allow him or her to share his or her emotions. Inform your loved one about the information you have obtained, and let him or her know that you are there to help make the process of recovery easier.
  • As soon as your loved one starts treatment, make sure that you engage yourself in the process so that you can learn new skills to help support your loved one through his recovery. Actively participating in the therapeutic aspects of rehab can be critical.
  • Set your expectations appropriately, maintaining that one’s path to recovery can be filled with all sorts of obstacles. Always be supportive and encouraging, and let your loved one know that you are there for him or her always.

Why Consider Treatment at Pocono

Why consider treatment for benzo addiction at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center in Henryville, PA

The many effects of benzodiazepine abuse can impact an individual’s life for the rest of his or her life. Someone who abuses these substances can suffer from a myriad of conditions, including a lack of cognitive capabilities, change in emotional reactivity, and the worsening of new and/or preexisting mental health conditions. Those who abuse these substances are likely to engage in the abuse of other substances, which can worsen their benzodiazepine abuse. This type of abuse can lead to the loss of meaningful relationships, as one’s desire to use and obtain benzodiazepines becomes his or her primary focus. One’s work performance can slip, and cause him or her to lose his or her job indefinitely. However, when rehab for benzodiazepine abuse is obtained, individuals can limit the amount of side effects they experience, or avoid them completely.

Types of Treatment

Types of benzo addiction treatment offered at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center in Henryville, PA

ocated in Henryville, Pennsylvania, our addiction rehab center is a world-class provider of treatment for men and women aged 18 and older who have been struggling with substance abuse, addiction, chemical dependency, and co-occurring mental illness. Surrounded by majestic mountains, our picturesque healing environment is the perfect place to being the journey to a healthier tomorrow.

Each member of our clinical staff is committed to helping all patients thrive while they are in our care, and is dedicated to putting forth every effort to ensure that our patients’ treatment goals are not just met, but exceeded. While benefitting from ongoing staff support, patients gain a great deal from time-tested interventions that are proven effective in helping people to break free from substance abuse and related concerns. With a foundation rooted in the 12-Step philosophy for treating addiction, the programming at our residential rehab center has been able to positively transform the lives of individuals of all ages.

Once a patient completes our admission process, he or she will play an active role in his or her treatment planning. Based on the needs and feedback of the individual who is receiving care, the following rehab methods may or may not be included within his or her fully customized treatment plan:

Detoxification: Because harmful substances of abuse, such as benzodiazepines, can cause an individual to become chemically dependent, detoxification, or detox, may be necessary at the start of an individual’s treatment. At Pocono Mountain Recovery, the need for detox is assessed during the admissions process, and can be incorporated into a patient’s treatment plan as the first phase of the individual’s recovery. Medical personnel supervise this process and tirelessly work to safeguard each patient’s safety and comfort during detoxification.

Medication management: Available for patients who require pharmaceutical intervention when grappling with an addiction to benzos and a co-occurring mental health concern, medication management services allow individuals to benefit from weekly meetings with a psychiatrist if needed. Should a patient at our rehab center participate in this treatment option, physician assistants and nurse practitioners will be on-hand to support, supervise, and monitor the effectiveness of any medication regimens put in place.

Individual therapy: Offered when needed by the patient, individual therapy sessions enable the men and women who heal at Pocono Mountain Recovery to receive one-on-one support from their assigned primary counselor. These sessions can serve as an excellent time in which patients can discuss their experiences while battling an addiction to benzodiazepines, their successes while in rehab, and their goals for the present and future.

Group therapy: Provided at least five times each treatment day, group therapy sessions are cornerstones of the care that is offered at our addiction rehab center. Led by our clinical director, family coordinator, and other clinical staff members, groups provide a safe environment in which patients can discuss the progress they are making while recovering from an addiction to benzos, and learn about the following addiction- and recovery-related topics:

  • Coping skills development
  • Relapse trigger identification
  • Relapse prevention
  • Life skills
  • Disease education
  • 12-Steps

Experiential therapy: For five to seven hours each week, patients at our rehab center are able to partake in a variety of experiential therapy sessions. These sessions, which help men and women heal and recover both mentally and physically, can enhance an individual’s experience at this center so that there is a greater likelihood for a benzodiazepine-free tomorrow. The following are among the experiential therapies that can become part of a patient’s care:

  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Role playing
  • Recreational therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy

Family therapy: In order to help those closest to the individuals who seek care at our addiction rehab center, family therapy sessions are available on an as-needed basis. When requested or deemed clinically necessary, a patient’s primary counselor and Pocono Mountain Recovery’s family coordinator can schedule a family session so that patients and those they care about can come together as a united front against benzo addiction.

Family Program: In addition to family therapy sessions, our rehab center is proud to offer a Saturday family program for the friends and family members of the individuals who seek care at this center. Psychoeducational groups are held in the morning and in the afternoon following lunch. While partaking in these groups, patients’ loved ones can come to understand what the person they care about has been going through, and receive the education and resources needed to effectively help their loved one defeat an addiction to benzodiazepines.

The inclusion or exclusion of any of the above rehab methods within a patient’s treatment plan will be based solely on the individual’s needs and treatment requirements. If during the course of treatment the patient’s needs change, Pocono Mountain Recovery staff can revise the plan so that the individual is able to reap every advantage of receiving rehab at this center.

As a means of truly helping people break free from the grips of an addiction to benzos, we ensure that each person who receives care at our center leaves us with a detailed discharge plan to support his or her efforts at maintaining recovery success. In some cases, a discharge plan may include a recommendation to this center’s partial hospitalization program (PHP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), or other less intensive treatment option. In other cases, patients’ discharge plans will identify other resources that will help them to make continued strides toward their recovery goals.

If you feel that you or your loved one would benefit from the all-encompassing care that is available at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center in Henryville, Pennsylvania, feel free to contact us at your convenience. Our staff welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about our treatment, and can begin the admissions process over the phone.

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