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Detoxing is the first step in beating your addiction. Doing so in a safe, professional environment improves the likelihood that sobriety will be achieved.

Importance of Detoxing at a Treatment Center

Learn about the importance of detoxing at a professional treatment center

The abuse of drugs and/or alcohol can cause many serious impairments in all aspects of an individual’s life. The presence of an addiction can rapidly force an individual into a cycle of making the use of that substance his or her top priority, allowing other responsibilities to fall to the wayside behind the acquisition and consumption of his or her substance(s) of choice. The end result of this cycle can be the onset of relationship problems, issues in the workplace, and a deterioration of one’s physical and psychological health. Furthermore, the longer that an addiction continues, the more likely individuals are to suffering an overdose, which can be deadly.

When individuals keep consuming drugs and/or alcohol, their bodies start to get accustomed to the presence of the substances that are within their systems. Therefore, tolerance develops, meaning that individuals must consume more of their substances of choice to keep experiencing the desired effects. As this increase tolerance continues, these individuals can end up developing a physical dependency on these substances, which means that their bodies can no longer function properly unless they have consumed their drug(s) of choice. As a result of this dependence, if an individual attempts to end his or her substance abuse, he or she will likely suffer a period of withdrawal as his or her body works to resume functioning in the manner that it did prior to the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol. Sadly, the symptoms that accompany this period of withdrawal can be extremely uncomfortable, and possibly even lethal. Due to the fact that such symptoms will almost automatically subside as soon as the substance is consumed again, many individuals resort to resuming their drug or alcohol use in an effort to find relief from their distress. Therefore, the destructive cycle of addiction continues.

One way to prevent a tumultuous withdrawal period from causing an individual to go back to using his or her drug of choice is through participation in detoxification services. Detoxification, more commonly referred to as detox, is a medically monitored process of having toxic substances physiologically removed from the body. By going through detox, individuals can benefit in the following ways:

  • Members of one’s treatment team are available to assist in helping individuals work through their cravings for continued use of their drugs of choice.
  • The temptation to resort back to using one’s drug of choice is eliminated as detox takes place in a substance-free environment.
  • As the substances of abuse are removed from an individual’s system, further damage to his or her health is prevented.
  • Once detoxification is complete, individuals can seamlessly transition into the next level of care where they can take part in an array of therapeutic interventions that are designed to help healing occur on an emotional level, while also helping individuals learn ways in which to prevent future relapse.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable professionals are on-hand to help monitor an individual’s progress, ensuring their safety and comfort. When appropriate, prescription medications may be administered in order to assist in lessening an individual’s distress during the process.

When an individual decides not to receive detox, he or she is putting him or herself at risk for suffering a great deal of detriments. As was mentioned, the abuse of substances can bring on disturbances in many, if not all, areas of one’s life. Due to the fact that the substance of abuse most commonly becomes an individual’s main priority, other responsibilities and obligations can start to be ignored. The individual might not show up for work or may show a drop in his or her occupational performance, possibly leading to job loss or demotion. This can cause the onset of financial problems. In addition, the individual might fail to take care of responsibilities at home, leading to issues within families and the development of marital strife. As the addiction continues to further impair an individual’s ability to function, he or she might experience loss of child custody or might see a demise within his or her friendships. The continued abuse of drugs or alcohol can also lead to interaction with law enforcement and the legal system, introducing a host of additional problems. Furthermore, an individual’s physical and psychological health is placed at an ever-present risk when substance abuse is allowed to persist.

Benefits of Detoxing at Pocono

Benefits of detoxing at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center in Henryville, PA

At Pocono Mountain Recovery Center, we realize the devastation that comes along with the ongoing abuse of drugs and alcohol. However, we also realize how overwhelming the idea of going through detox can be. For this reason, we strive to make the detox process as approachable as possible. By engaging in a streamlined screening process, our committed staff members can help individuals decide if our detox program is the best fit for their needs.

If you or someone in your life requires treatment for an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and can benefit from detox services, allow our experienced staff at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center help.

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